Dodge Demon Drag Races Suzuki Hayabusa, Crushing Defeat Follows

Car vs. bike drag races don't get much juicier than the one that brought us here and that's because the battle sitting before you involves a Dodge Demon and a Suzuki Hayabusa.
Dodge Demon Drag Races Suzuki Hayabusa 4 photos
Dodge Demon drag races Suzuki HayabusaDodge Demon drag races Suzuki HayabusaDodge Demon drag races Suzuki Hayabusa
Fortunately, the aficionados wielding the muscle car and the superbike decided to duked it out at the drag strip, thus keeping things on the safe side.

In fact, the brawl we have here is a rematch, with the Busa and the Demon having first battled earlier this year. Nevertheless, while their first encounter involved a 1/8-mile challenge, this come comes in the form of a 1/4-mile adventure.

The greater distance allows the motorcycle to make full use of its power-to-weight ratio, with the car relying mostly on the starting phase to build up its lead. However, it seems that the Challenger Demon experience quite a bit of wheelspin during this launch.

Fortunately, the piece of footage below, which documents both battels, allows us to check out the time slips for the quarter-mile run, so you can easily keep track of each vehicle's progress.

According to their owners, both the Suzuki and the Dodge come in factory stock form and if you are the kind who enjoys betting, now would be a good time to pick one of the two.
You might want to scroll through the video and here's where to land your clicks
If you happen to be in a hurry, you can jump to the 7:18 point of the clip for the Demon vs. Busa action - you'll get to see the original battle first. However, you should know that the first part of the clip is also worthy of your attention, since this is packed with drag racing action that sees the uber-Challenger duking it out with other four-wheeled machines (the shenanigans kicks off at the 2:18 point).

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