Definitely Not a Good Day for Lane Splitting

Lane splitting while riding at significantly higher speed than the rest of the traffic is by all means one of the surest ways to be involved in an accident, and this Russian rider was unlucky enough to learn this lesson the hard way.
While lane splitting is illegal in many countries, most cops would turn a blind eye on the riders filtering through traffic... as far as they're doing it in what appears to be safe manner. However, we could hardly say that this motorcyclist showed too much care for his own health.

Leaving speed outside this discussion, the sudden stop of the cars in front of him should have been enough warning that something is about to happen. Unfortunately we get to see many road users who can't detect such signals in traffic or decide to ignore them altogether, probably believing that it's them who must make a move...

This may be true, but in this case, the move is slowing down.
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