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Cyclist Plays Chicken With Mad Zebra on California Mountains, Guess Who Slipped and Fell

Going on a bike ride on the mountain is, in many ways, a refreshing experience. On one hand, you work out, and we all know how important this is today, given the remote working thing has become so common in the last couple of years.
The same zebra spotted by a netizen, this time protected by a metal shield 6 photos
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And on the other hand, you occasionally come across wildlife, which can be good news or bad news depending on the animal you have to deal with.

A 48-year-old cyclist from Carpinteria has recently ended up face to face with a totally unexpected striped beast.

A zebra in the Santa Ynez Mountains isn’t necessarily a common sight, though in the last few years, several other netizens claimed (and even provided evidence) they spotted the same animal close to West Camino Cielo.

As per local media, this is the place where Marcos Chavez also ended up face to face with the zebra. The bigger problem was the zebra was having a bad day.

Chavez explains the zebra seemed mad and instantly started looking at him in a way that confirmed he was no longer safe. While the driver of a car stopped on the side of the road and offered to move the vehicle and protect the cyclist, Chavez believed it’d be a better idea to just get past the zebra. It wasn’t.

The moment he moved, the zebra immediately started chasing him, not necessarily to say hello but more likely to hunt the man down.

The unexpected encounter ended up with a sudden dive, and fortunately, it wasn’t the cyclist the one who fell down. The zebra slipped and fell, giving the cyclist a few more seconds to run away.

Obviously, Chavez didn’t miss this opportunity, but on the other hand, nobody knows what happened to the zebra after this face-to-face encounter with a human. At the same time, it’s still a huge mystery how a zebra ended up in the California mountains, and moreover, why it has become such a bully with people who are actually happy to see it.

Legend has it the zebra is called Maynard, and for some reason, it seems to be friendly with other people.


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