Crazy Nitro Circus Prank Has Baby Riding Down a Ramp, Jump Fails Utterly

The baby trike ramp jump prank 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
For some reasons, this video made us like the Nitro Circus even more. We recently showed you Josh Sheehan's mind-blowing, history-making triple backflip performed at Travis Pastrana's FMX emporium, and that was amazing.
It's now time to smile because the Nitro Circus guys look like they are exceptional pranksters, too. Not sure to what degree the live audience was tricked, but at least they had an excuse. They only saw the "baby ramp stunt" from a great distance and on the screens, in real time.

On the other hand, however, with pause and slow motion, and with the possibility to replay the scene as many times as needed, the fellows who got hysteric have no excuse.

Funny thing, US laws prohibit young teenagers to race professionally, yet people believe an infant could be part of the Nitro crew

This video is not exactly new, but the people's reaction to it is still funny after all this time. Frankly, it makes us wonder how easily these guys can swallow such stories.

The whole thing is so obviously fake, with the hands of the doll strapped to the trike's bars, and the lack of mid-air compensating body moves!

And the curtain that drops on the landing site is yet another element that's so incredibly obvious. Seriously, it's daunting to see such reactions after all this time. We recently had an argument with a guy who was completely enraged as he believed the whole deal involved a real child and funnily, grew even angrier when he was proven wrong.

He added that these jokes showed extremely bad taste and nobody should ever do this. Needless to say he almost threw fists when someone told him that maybe he should refrain from watching stunt shows in the future, because he obviously can't understand them or some nice, innocent pranks. Good job, Nitro!

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