Cops Raid “Rich and Successful” Supercar Parade in Moscow, Arrest Shocked Owners

Supercar rally in Moscow halted by police, cars impounded and owners arrested 6 photos
Photo: Twitter / @JayinKyiv
Supercar rally in Moscow halted by police, cars impounded and owners arrestedSupercar rally in Moscow halted by police, cars impounded and owners arrestedSupercar rally in Moscow halted by police, cars impounded and owners arrestedSupercar rally in Moscow halted by police, cars impounded and owners arrestedOn the left, Alexei Khitrov, the organizer of the failed Rich and Successful supercar rally
It’s a sad day when the rich are no longer allowed to show off, especially if they’re Russian millionaires. A supercar rally supposed to take place in the center of the country’s capital Moscow was raided by the police, with many of the 170 supercars impounded and several owners arrested.
Crypto-millionaire Alexei Khitrov was the one who organized the rally slash parade, as a means to facilitate elite networking, according to a statement published by The Mirror. Entries were almost $5,000 per person, including breakfast and an afterparty, but the buyers didn’t get to enjoy either: cops swooped in and broke up the rally before it even started.

Some 170 supercars were in attendance, many of which had already roared through the main streets of the capital. They were getting ready to start on a “Rich and Successful” parade, called this way because (duh) they would all be showing off a “Rich and Successful” sticker in the window. Subtlety was not one of the highlights of this rally; that much is clear.

According to the police, the rally did not have approval from authorities and fell foul of current regulations that ban all sorts of public gatherings. Remember, Russia is at war with the neighboring country Ukraine, and President Putin will not have dissidents gather in the streets to voice their disapproval of the invasion – or, in this case, rich dudes showing off their Western cars.

According to the report, many of the vehicles were impounded, and the haul was significant, given that there were dozens of Lamborghinis, Rolls-Royces, Ferraris, and Porsches, but also Hummer H1s, Bentleys, Audis, BMWs, and Chevrolet Corvettes. Bloomberg says that many men were arrested or hauled off in handcuffs (and escorted home, in the case of public figures or relatives of those), and seven have already been sentenced to 15 days in detention.

Pro-Putin senator Mikhail Dzhabarov believes that such a sentence is light, even by Russian-prison standards. All these men should be sent to Ukraine to join the army because, even if they’re not trained to fight, they could still do chores, and it “would help their brains to fall into place.”

Meanwhile, organizer Khitrov says the police knew of the rally in advance. When the cops came to shut it down, he first thought it was “a joke.”

For what’s worth, Putin is very publicly against all-things West, from the Harley-Davidsons he rides himself to the Lamborghinis he once compared to a modern-day equivalent of having two front gold teeth to show that you’re rich. Things stand differently where he’s concerned since owning an entire superyacht fleet (with a $700 million megayacht where even the screws are gold as the crown jewel) is ok, as long as people back home don’t know about it.

Here are a couple of grainy videos of this “Rich and Successful” rally’s not-so-successful end.

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