Chris Harris Says 570GT Is His Favorite Sports Series McLaren

Chris Harris Says 570GT Is His Favorite Sports Series McLaren 3 photos
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Chris Harris Says 570GT Is His Favorite Sports Series McLarenChris Harris Says 570GT Is His Favorite Sports Series McLaren
What is the Sports Series? Well, in case you forgot. McLaren made a family of sports cars around an all-new chassis, simpler and slightly cheaper to buy. However, nobody understood what the 570GT was for until Chris Harris lavished it with praise in this Top Gear web special.
Watching him manhandle the 570GT down a small track, everything feels very personal. It's like we're right there in the passenger seat, nodding at his comments right before blowing chunks over the fresh leather.

And it really is some nice leather. The difference between the GT and the S is that it has about 10% softer suspension, 2% slower steering, smooth styling and a glass rear deck that open to the side. All this adds up to 37 kilograms of extra weight, but that's not too bad.

Do you guys remember the rumors? Everybody thought the 570GT was going to be a 2+2 that rivals the Porsche 911. But instead, McLaren just stole some Lotus people and made a brilliant road car.

Harris describes it as the definite pick of the Sports Series range, even though it's the second-slowest car McLaren offers. A 0 to 100 km/h sprint time of 3.4 would, however, be considered impressive for any other company.

Just because this is the entry-level sports car, don't expect it to be cheap. The one they had cost nearly GBP 200,000 because of the excellent carbon fiber package. Meanwhile, one of these starts from just over $190,000 in the U.S. and that kind of money could land an Audi R8, even a Spyder if you want.

The point of the review is that even though the 570GT is softer, you're still getting a competent car. However, you'd have to be a hardcore McLaren fan to buy one instead of a Porsche. But why wouldn't you love the brand? Ever since the P1, they've been making nothing but headline-grabbing beauties.

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