Car Key Fobs Should Adopt Watch Technology

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Every once in a while, I get a cool idea that I want to share with you guys but it isn't worth writing in of the long weekend editorials. So, here is my very first short and sweet editorial… that isn't an editorial:
I've noticed a lot of luxury is borrowed by the automotive industry from other genres. For example, BMW's frozen paint was inspired by the brushed look of gold jewelry. People also wrap their cars in leather, match them to their shoes expect smartphone-like dashboards. Technology is very important, but once you reach Aston/Bentley/Rolls levels, craftsmanship and materials become the primary focus.

While looking at my semi-fancy watch and holding my very sober German car key, I realized there's an opportunity for the auto industry.

Car key fobs are powered by batteries. Everybody knows this. They usually last a very long time, about 5 years in most cases. But what if you did something different? Rolls-Royce says its cars will last the lifetime of the customer. But why not make a fob that does that too… with maintenance of course.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could spend $1,000 on a gold fob with transparent crystal casing and a chronograph mechanism inside? Or even better, a tourbillon system that costs as much as the car?

I know these devices usually generate mechanical energy, but there's surely a way to combine function and art.

It might prove to be a superior selling point to Aston's piece of glass and Bentley's swarovski encrusted VW key. Am I on to something or not, what do you guys think?
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