Car and Bikers Is Stupid vs Stupid

We still can't tell who is the bigger moron in all this video.
On one hand, it's the bikers which act as if they are really trying to make riders look bad. We have nothing against riding in large numbers, as long as they leave one free lane: it's a matter of being polite and showing that the riders really care for themselves and the other road users.

On the other hand, the lady with the Volvo chose an extreme method for passing the riders and we're positive that honking or even nicer, calling 911 could have turned out better results.

In the end, the car was lucky for not flipping and the riders were lucky, too, because the Volvo missed some of them by inches. That would have turned a nice ride into a nice carnage and it really feels like we cannot stress enough that riding is about making it back home in one piece.

And if we all agree that being polite is needed for being safe, we're sorry to say that these riders are really asking for it.
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