Canada Unsatisfied with Chrysler's Viability Plan Details

Even though Chrysler initially believed that sending the viability plan to the Canadian government would be enough to receive the money it needs, it is actually not as country's officials recently said the automaker has to provide more details regarding its plans in return for money.

According to The Detroit News, Industry Minister Tony Clement wants to find out more details on the country's implications in Chrysler's plan, especially those related to the product lines the manufacturer aims to set up in Windsor and Brampton, Ontario.

On the other hand, Chrysler said it does not need to detail its local plans too much as the "American and Canadian operations are so highly integrated," the aforementioned source wrote.

"We do have an integrated market," Tony Clement replied. "But at the same time, if we're talking about Canadian taxpayer dollars, we do want to have some specifics about what exactly is going to be going on in Canada. I think that message did get through."

Clement confirmed that some additional papers have already arrived at the ministry and will be analyzed by officials in the next few days.

Aside from this report, General Motors told Clement and his Ontario's Michael Bryant that the company will need an additional loan in Canada, beside the already-requested $3 billion aid for the local operations. However, the American automaker did not wish to comment on the amount of money it requested to the Canadian government, the same source wrote.

What's interesting is that General Motors already announced some cost-cutting measures for the Canadian market, with workforce expected to be slashed down to 7,000 employees this year.


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