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C-Through Motorcycle Helmet Concept 8 photos
Photo: Yolegmma Marquez, Patricio Corvalan,Kunzhao Wu, and Ratchanon Keawmanee
C-Through motorcycle helmet conceptC-Through motorcycle helmet conceptC-Through motorcycle helmet conceptC-Through motorcycle helmet conceptC-Through motorcycle helmet conceptC-Through motorcycle helmet conceptC-Through motorcycle helmet concept
C-Through is a rather interesting motorcycle helmet concept, but which also comes with some flaws, as far as safety is concerned. The idea behind this helmet is as simple as it gets: to offer better heat elimination and moisture wicking, while preventing fogging and water leaks in the upper visor area.
The C-Through addresses these problems with a second visor which keeps water from leaking down in your face even though the inner visor is cracked open, also allowing more air to enter the helmet and cool down the temperature. The rear area of the C-Through has two huge GoreTex-covered extractor ports which are supposed to dramatically improve ventilation and help maintain a pleasant climate inside the helmet.

Problem is… how does the C-Through helmet protect the rider’s head in that area? The back of the head is covered with the see-through transparent panels, and there is no EPS liner there to shield the skull in case of an impact, and this is a point which the DOT will most likely not be fine with. As for the rest of the features, such as the improved ventilation and field of vision, they’re obviously a most welcome upgrade to any lid.

Traditional helmets are themselves, less than perfect when it comes to riding in the rain, mainly because their visors tend to fog, with the water vapours from the rider’s breath condensing on the inner surface of the rain-cooled visor. Until now, two solutions have proven their efficiency, with the first one being installing a Pinlock lens, proven to be one of the best anti-fogging add-one in the industry, and alternatively, slightly opening the visor so that cool air could enter through the small crack.

Not all helmets are Pinlock-ready and drilling holes in the visor is definitely one thing not all riders are willing to do, so riding with a slightly open visor can take care of fogging. But this happens at the expense of drops of rain falling down in their faces every now and then, insidiously running down the interior of the visor and causing many a 4-letter word.

Honestly, I’s do like to see this problem solved in a convenient way with solid applicability on an industrial scale, but until then, I’d say the Pinlock wins, and does so even in the cold of the winter. Seen on yankodesign.
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