Capit Helmet Drier Is a Very Cool, but Terribly Expensive Idea

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Capit Dry HelmetCapit Dry HelmetCapit Dry HelmetCapit Dry Helmet
Riding with a wet helmet liner is one of the things many riders favor when setting out in the blistering summer sun, but at the end of the ride it’s not going to be exactly cold water to make the inside of the lid damp. Sweat, combined with dirt, possibly some bugs, exfoliated skin and sebum are things which will make you helmet stink if not taken care of properly. And if you feel like drying out your helmet in style, the Italian maker Capit is offering the Dry Helmet.
You may know Capit already for their tire warmers and multiple other tire-related accessories, but it looks like they’re taking a step into the helmet world with this specialized helmet drier device. The principle is as simple as it gets: a plastic base with an incorporated fan and a heating element. Place the helmet on the stand, choose whether you want cold or hot air, and hit the power button.

The fan will channel air inside your helmet, speeding up the evaporation and helping you obtain a dry helmet in minutes. Choosing to dry your helmet as soon as you’ve reached the end of the ride is really smart, as it prevents (or at least slows down) the formation of odors, one of the least pleasant “partners” for future rides. You’ll still have to wash your helmet liner once in a while, but drying it after you’ve loaded it back is also a way to prevent is form altering its shape.

Now comes the less nice part of the story: the Capit Dry Helmet is available for a rather hefty price of €159.90 ($215). We’re willing to skip the fact that you can actually get very cool lids for such money, if you’re lucky enough to run into a store rebate. But €160 is really steep, especially when considering using a household hair drier for the job in case you’re all into hot air, or a common fan for the job. And if you’re at work, you can even use an USB-powered fan, for crying out loud…

A very cool idea altogether, but with a very hot price, the Capit Dry Helmet can be ordered right away if you could not find a better destination for your €160.
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