Fusar Guardian, a New Next-Gen Motorcycle Helmet

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Fusar GuardianFusar GuardianFusar GuardianFusar GuardianFusar Guardian
New Jersey-based Fusar Technologies announces the Guardian, a new motorcycle helmets designed to enhance the riding experience and add a new level of road safety to everyday rides. While helmets equipped with cameras are not a new thing, the Guardian promises a better implementation of the current technologies and safer two-wheeled transportation.
Dubbed by some the “Google Glass for bikers,” the Guardian helmet uses augmented reality to help riders stay safe. The Fusar helmet comes with a rear-view camera, a microphone and speakers to make sure interaction between the rider and the electronic systems is seamless and flawless. As far as the pictures tell us, the helmet is also equipped with a front-facing camera which will detect congestion patterns and possible dangers.

Using the HUD (heads-up display) technology, the Guardian helmet provides a non-distracting video feed showing the road behind the bike, just like an automotive rearview mirror would. This feature provides the rider with better chances to position himself or herself on the road accordingly, reducing the risk of being rear-ended.

The Fusar Guardian also displays info on traffic conditions, weather and navigation, sending out visual and audio alerts when needed. Traffic congestions, cold weather, areas affected by rain, and more will be signaled to the rider. Activation and various commands will rely on voice-activated systems and we can hope that they will still be operational and useable in the noise generated by the helmet while traveling at 90 mph (145 km/h).

In the absence of more detailed information, we can only presume that the Fusar Guardian will be easy to integrate with smartphones. Startup CEO and founder Ryan Shearman also says that a black box feature will be embedded in the Guardian, allowing riders to access video recordings related to road incidents and helping police work.

The Guardian will be offered as aDOT-certified lid, and Shearman hopes this technology will be adopted by big helmet manufacturers. Get in touch with Fusar to find out more and support them reach the next step in development.

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