Burned-Down Lamborghini Could Be the Indirect Victim of a Race Crime, More or Less

Before and after of burned-down Lamborghini 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from WDSU video
It all happened in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where a city contractor was hired to take down four Confederate monuments situated in the city of New Orleans.
The statue of General P.G.T. Beauregard and the Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis and Liberty monuments apparently still hold a special meaning for a lot of the city’s residents, but the Council had other plans for them when it voted six to one in favor of the decision to have them removed. According to their decision, the monuments were “nuisances.”

That didn’t go down well with some folks who began to harass the contractor chosen for the job. David Mahler, the owner of the H&O Investments company that was hired by the city hall to carry out the operations, says that ever since the announcement had been made public, he started receiving threatening phone calls.

As a result, he decided to let go of this contract, but it would appear his decision came a little too late. Yesterday morning as Mr. Mahler came to work, he found his $200,000 car that was parked in front of the building burned down to a pile of ashes. Up to that night, it was a custom-painted white Lamborghini Huracan; on Tuesday morning, it turned into a black, unrecognizable rubble of charred metal and molten plastic and rubber.

While there is still an ongoing investigation, you can’t help but feel the two events are connected. Lamborghinis do have a tendency to burst into flames, but they usually do it while running. And we’re pretty sure the owners of the Lambos that ended up torched before hadn’t received death threats just a few days prior to the happening.

WDSU, the media reporting this incident, stays on the safe side and only presents the people who oppose the decision based on the artistic value of the four monuments. But even though art can have very strong effects on an emotional level for those it comes into contact with, we all know that should the investigation prove it was a criminal action, the suspects won’t be found in an art gallery.
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