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Lamborghini Won’t Go Full Electric. At Least Not in the Near Future

Lamborghini is one of the world’s most popular carmakers, known for its incredible cars powered by monstrous engines. Replacing those howling V12 and V10 engines with an electric motor would indeed be a crime. Don’t worry, because this won’t happen, at least not in the near future, as Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann recently stated.
Stephan Winkelmann and the Lamborghini Urus 1 photo
As more and more automakers became eco-friendly and started building tons of EV cars, Lamborghini said no, claiming that it can still be eco-friendly without going full electric for a number of reasons.

If we have the chance to have a full electric vehicle which could have the same price and performance for an SUV, I would say let’s go for it. But this is not the case at this stage of technology,” Winkelmann said.

Raging Bull’s CEO also revealed some of the company’s next steps, including the 4.0-liter bi-turbo V8 engine that will power the upcoming Urus SUV and a plug-in hybrid version for Lambo’s first SUV. Even if earlier last year Maurizio Reggiani, Lamborghini’s R&D Chief, stated that the Italian carmaker was four years away from turbo engines, it looks like the change will come earlier.

As for a hybrid model, Lamborghini already has the Asterion Concept from the 2014 Paris Motor Show, but according to Regianni, the car couldn’t provide the handling performance iconic for the brand because of the batteries and the component packaging, as well as a natural engine soundtrack that is another critical obstacle to overcome.

When we speak of this next generation of SUVs and super sports cars, they have to fulfill the needs of our customers, and it has to stay within the DNA of our super-sports cars. [...] And this is today in our opinion not state of the art, when we speak of batteries, loading, time, packaging, weight. All these together make it a car that’s not perceived as a super-sports car,” Winkelmann told Motor Authority.


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