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Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Troll Uses Lamborghini's Verde Ithaca, Non-SS Lights

Over the years, we've seen many Veyron owners trying to one-up fellow Bugatti drivers (450 units were built) by gifting the machines with various modifications, and yet, the one we want to show you today may just be the most special Bug out there.
Bugatti Veyron Super Sport dressed in Verde Itacha 1 photo
This car seems to have started out in life as a Veyron Super Sport, but the traditional aura of the hypercar was simply not enough.

For one thing, the Bugatti color scheme was skipped, with this machine turning to the kind of color palette they use over in Sant'Agata Bolognese.

Raging Bull aficionados have probably recognized the infamous Verde Ithaca hue by now. Speaking of which, we'll remind you this isn't the only VW Group supercar-hypercar eye candy crossbred we've seen.

For example, we've previously shown you a Porsche Carrera GT that had been ordered through the Porsche Exclusive division, with the V10 beast using Lamborghini's Arancio Borealis shade of Orange.

Then again, there's more to this Bugatti's trolling than its paint. This car has recently sparked quite a debate online, with some people claiming we're dealing with a standard 1,001 PS Veyron and others explaining this is the 1,200 PS Super Sport. In fact, there's also a third camp that believes we're dealing with the standard car that has been upgraded to SS tech specs.

While we can't be sure about the exact state of the car, we can confirm the engine cover (the roof-mounted air intakes are also important) comes from the SS. However, there are other elements, such as the headlights, that belong to the standard Veyron camp.

People who claim to know the car explain this is an SS whose owner wanted to have standard-version headlights. Does this turn the Veyron we're dealing with into a sleeper? Not exactly, but as we mentioned above, we can label this as pure trolling.

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