BRX Trailers Set Out To Build the Go-Anywhere Teardrop Camper We Want and Succeeded

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Let's be frank; whenever we talk about travel trailers, it's quite difficult to strike the perfect balance between functionality, ruggedness, and price. One American crew, BRX Trailers, is here to show us that it can be done.
Folks, the number of campers and travel trailers that grave my visual cortex is something I'm not sure you can fathom. And, out of all I see on a daily basis, every now and again, I run across a manufacturer and its machines that simply require some attention. This is precisely the case with BRX Trailers and their X Series lineup, three campers tuned to handle the toughest American backcountry and then do it all over again next year and the year after that.

Now, BRX is a rather young team when we compare them to other industry giants like Airstream, Winnebago, and others, but the fact that they've managed to stay alive since 2016 and made it through the recent mobile living craze, we can deduce that they're doing something right. Well, let's find out what the X Series has to offer.

In all, three different layouts or floorplans are available. Actually, they're more like variations upon the same camper base with only different features setting them apart. But it's absolutely necessary to be aware of one crucial aspect.

The least pricey option, the X1, is showing a starting price of $37,500, which is quite a bit by any teardrop camper owner's standards. The most expensive, the X2+, starts at $52,800. But, those prices have been crossed out on the manufacturer's website, and the words "Discounts available on in-stock models" now appear. As for just how much we're expected to pay for a new unit, you'll have to get ahold of BRX.

X Series
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Since all versions are built upon the same base, let me run through the X1 and its features. That way, you'll understand what kind of base we can build our future habitat; this story begins with nothing more than a welded steel frame under which sits a Timbren axle-less suspension with a max load limit of 3,500 lbs (1,588 kg).

Once all that becomes one piece, it's time to throw on a shell with unknown properties. Simply put, there's nothing on the manufacturer's website about how each habitat is crafted, but if my several years of RV experience taught me anything, it's that the exterior panels are either aluminum or some other composite. On top, a gel coat for the win.

However, this isn't what makes the X Series so dang attractive; it's the gear that BRX incorporates as standard that really got me going, in particular, the goods found in the complete setup, the X2+. This is where we switch from talking about the X1 to making this article all about the full-option unit, the X2+.

X Series
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Let's start off with the Thule Tepui 3-person roof-top tent that's included in the $52,800. Then there's a side awning, a spare-mounted folding work table, an electric Dometic cooler, a generator/inverter, an AC and heating unit, and the list goes on and on, but don't worry; you'll grasp what sort of lifestyle you can lead with one of these babies.

The best way to understand what BRX has in store for us is to take a short trip through our imagination and really get a feel for the X2+. Once you've hitched it up to your truck or SUV, driven the hours needed to get to your destination, and even embarked on a bit of rock crawling with this dang thing, you'll finally arrive at the top of some ridge overlooking the valley below.

After stabilizing your unit and unhooking your beast of burden, it's time to prepare the patch of green grass you'll call home for the next few days. Pop the roof-top tent, expand those awnings I mentioned, but also, don't forget to harness some of the sun's power with 180 W of solar panel.

X Series
Photo: BRX Trailers
After the finishing touches on your campsite are in place, it's time to take in the X2+ like any other teardrop on the market. The rear of the unit hides a wonderfully arranged and equipped galley, with a two-burner stove, gas, sink and running water, and best of all, an integrated water heater, good for showers too. Plenty of storage options and that spare-mounted worktable complete your little kitchen/workshop.

Once bellies are full and bones relaxed from a few evening hours near a fire, it's time to retire for the night, and in classic teardrop fashion, you'll climb inside your X Series camper via any of the two available side doors. Here, you'll find a mattress suitable for two guests, cupboards for clothes and personal items, and an overhead climate control unit. What else do you need?

The next morning, you'll most likely wake up because of birds singing their songs and not cars honking outside your window, and with bones refreshed, you get out of bed and the camper without ever disturbing anyone else. If you're like me, clumsy, you'll wake everyone up because you dropped some bacon-filled pan all over the ground, and that has you exclaiming about all sorts of Mother Marys.

Since your family has an idea of what's going on outside, some of them poke their head out at you and just smile. You smile back, and the day is off exactly as it should be, with connections, be it to the wild or family. From where I'm standing, BRX Trailers seems to have put together campers that will let you focus on just that: connecting with whatever or whomever you wish.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase the X Series with an array of features and even model years.

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