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BMW's Kidney Grille Tumor Is Spreading, Old 3er Catches It

While the world is dealing with a global pandemic, part of the automotive industry is facing its own threat, that of oversized grilles. Strangely enough, it has only affected several brands, but BMW seems to be suffering the most.
BMW 3 Series 6 photos
BMW 3 SeriesBMW 3 SeriesBMW 3 SeriesBMW 3 SeriesBMW 3 Series
Inspired by the latest M3 and M4 family, as well as the normal 4er, certain BMW owners decided that their rides would look better with giant kidneys up front. Case in point, we showed you an E60 5 Series last month that got de-Bangle-ized with one relatively simple tune, and now it’s time to bring another model into the limelight.

Made famous by none other than Reddit’s ‘ugly’ car mods thread, it’s a 3 Series from the E90 generation, if you’re having trouble identifying it from behind the giant coffins. Installing it meant scrapping the whole front bumper altogether, and the overall design copies the looks of the full-blown M models, together with the M badge that sits in the exact same spot.

Now, craving for a new car is one thing, but maiming your old one in the process of trying to make it look cooler is a totally different subject. Still, while all (or most) petrolheads would bash the end result, the owner must be proud of it. Truth be told, the new bumper, with the incorporated bucktooth grille, lines up decently with the headlights, fenders, and hood, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a laughable way to tune your car.

Look further back, and you will see that they did nothing else to it. The wheels spinning inside the OEM fenders look rather small, even if they came with the car, and while it’s not visible from this angle, we reckon that the back end has remained untouched too, for the most part, at least. Fortunately, it doesn’t have a gigantic wing resting on the trunk lid, but hey, it’s never too late to make it more LOL-ish, right?


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