BMW Interested in Buying De Tomaso

When you’re raking in the billions, buying up design houses and famous motorcycle makers is all to easy. Even struggling sportscar makers are on the menu, something proven when Audi started controlling Audi.
De Tomaso Deauville 1 photo
We’ve never been supporters of the new De Tomaso company, as their designs seem boring, technologically inferior sometimes clones of other makers’ cars. It really didn’t surprise us at all that they were accused of burning and through Italian government cash. But when they wen’t bust again, we were also a bit sad that they’d never get to show the new Pantera.

But it might be “BMW to the rescue” soon, as a report has emerged, suggesting the Bavarians are interested in buying De Tomaso. The Italian trade union has apparently confirmed BMW is among the interested parties.

The Deauville concept they showed in 2011 at the Geneva Motor Show is just another BMW 5-Series GT clone. All we really want De Tomaso to build is the Pantera and maybe even the Mangusta. No crossovers, no sedan!

Story via Autonews Europe


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