BMW India Shifts from Sheer Driving Pleasure to Sheer Owning Pleasure in New Ad

BMW 3 Series GT 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
BMW’s motto for a long time has been “The Ultimate Driving Experience,” but lately they changed things around and started to sell their cars using a new one: “Sheer Driving Pleasure” in particular markets. Well, India might be a trendsetter once again, the local branch of the Bavarian brand shifting focus from driving to owning.
That’s right, in the latest video BMW India posted on YouTube, the company moves from the slogan that made them famous to a new one that feels a lot more artificial. “Sheer Owning Pleasure” doesn’t sound as enticing as “Sheer Driving Pleasure,” that’s for sure, but the difference may be this significant just in our heads.

To some people, owning a BMW is not related to how it drives in the slightest. It’s all a matter of status and owning one of these precise German machines makes them feel better about themselves, most likely.

As the video below says, it could be a variety of reasons, but generally, people who can afford such a car are on the wealthier side of things. After all, it’s not seldom we’re surprised by how expensive a car handed over by BMW for reviewing purposes is, and most of the time, that turns out to be its biggest flaw.

Therefore, it’s only natural to spot these cars in reserved parking spaces, in front of beautiful houses or being carefully tended to. However, for us petrolheads, it’s more about how it drives, and in this regard, we just cannot agree with the new motto promoted here. Although... we have to admit that there is a sense of pride involved every time we talk about our cars.

Make it a German premium car and that sense goes overboard, sometimes hindering people from thinking about what they are saying. It’s understandable, though, we all do it. In the meantime, here’s to hoping that India focuses on what’s important next time and doesn’t encourage superficial values like this.

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