BMW F80 M3 Will Have Aluminum Suspension Elements for Sharper Dynamics

BMW M3/M4 Suspension 1 photo
Photo: BMW
As we're getting all wrapped up in the M3 and M4 fever with all these new specs unveiled, we're also taking a look at what has drastically changed in the new models and what will make these new cars iconic.
Being the first M3 to use a turbocharged unit, the guys from BMW knew that it had to be special. Apart from the amazing technical specs we already learned about (430 HP and over 500 Nm of torque), there are also other interesting facts that we have to tell you about.

An interesting detail is the way the suspension was built. It uses aluminum parts such as control arms, wheel carriers and axle subframes, parts that are not only lighter but also give the car more precision, with their new design.

Rigidity is also an important part of a sports car's setup, therefore an aluminum stiffening plate, CFRP front strut brace and additional bolted joints between the axle subframe and body sills were used, increasing the stiffness of the front structure. At the same time, all these parts will also ensure an optimum and direct transfer of forces both laterally and longitudinally.

At the back, the lighter construction was also incorporated, the new M3 now having a five-link rear axle. All of the parts are using forged aluminum, therefore reducing mass but also keeping the vehicle safe at all times.

With all this new info, we cannot put in words just how much we want to test these new cars right now. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until next year to do so.
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