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BMW 2 Series Does Savage Highway Drifting in Turkey, Goes All Wide

When BMW came up with the 2 Series, aficionados from around the world had reasons to jump for joy, as the compact sportscar promised to bring back some of the brand's core values. And while this is obvious for models like the M2 or the M240i/M235i, does it still stand for less muscular incarnations of the machine?
BMW 2 Series Does Savage Highway Drifting 4 photos
BMW 2 Series Does Savage Highway Drifting in Turkey
Well, it seems the owner of a 220d thinks the answer is a big, fat "yes", with the man sliding the hell out of the rear-wheel-drive toy. The hooner likes to post his adventures on Instagram and we've added a sample at the bottom of the page.

The action takes place in Turkey and we can see the Bimmer tackling a highway entry ramp in the wet. The one linking the pedals to the steering wheel chose to drift for quite a while, ignoring the traffic ahead, with the oil burner dancing in the rain.

The car switches lane in the process, with the steering wheel wielder choosing to stick to the speed of the cars ahead, so the drift could continue.

Despite the fact that the BMW 2er got pretty close to the vehicles ahead while still sliding, there was no contact and it didn't even seem like the other drivers noticed the drifting car (truth be told, the weather brought poor visibility).

Oh, and by the way, the black smoke emitted by the machine might just talk about an aggressive ECU setup. As for the soundtrack of the shenanigan, this clearly speaks of the diesel power, but we may be dealing with a custom exhaust, as the voice of the engine appears to be louder than it should.

Now, we're asking you not to use the shenanigan we have here as an example and head for the racetrack when the hooning urges kick in.


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