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Widebody BMW M850i Rendered as The Imminent Tuner Car

With the second-generation BMW 8 Series now among us, the time has come to think about the aftermarket realm's take on the matter. And given the kind of tuning attention the Bavarian automaker receives, it won't take long until its new flagship coupe gets modded.
Widebody BMW M850i Render 1 photo
In fact, at least one tuner has announced intentions to tweak the BMW M850i, but, for now, all we can do is enjoy renderings. And we've brought along a pixel play that portrays the new 8er in widebody form - pixel tip to Car Lifestyle for this image.

The render we have here shows the kind of M850i you'll get to see at car meets. And whether you're the kind who enjoys such developments or would rather have the machine in its factory form, there's one thing you have to admit - this Bimmer can't be ignored.

Speaking of the BMW 8 Series, we'll remind you that the best is yet to come. That's because next year will mark the start of the M8 offensive.

Back in the day, when the original 8er came to the world, the M Division decided the coupe was too big for its principles. This time around, though, we'll get three M8 models.

We're referring to the M8 Coupe, the M8 Cabriolet and the M8 Gran Coupe, with the latter having been previewed by a gorgeous concept car.

Now, the F90 BMW M5 has shown us what to expect from the M8, regardless of the body type. As far as the firepower is concerned, we're looking at a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8.

We'll get both "standard" and Competition trims and while we're expecting the first to be upgraded to over 600 ponies, the latter might bring 650 horses to the table.

And it's just as important the M8 should also borrow the M5's AWD system, which comes with a rear-only mode for shenanigans. So drifters will probably have reasons to jump for joy.


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