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Bentley Introduces Stone Veneers in Bespoke Mulliner Models

Bentley has introduced a new type of trim for its bespoke cars made by the dedicated Mulliner division: stone veneers.
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Stone Veneer in Bentley MullinerStone Veneer in Bentley MullinerStone Veneer in Bentley MullinerStone Veneer in Bentley Mulliner
Yes, that’s right, Bentley is selling actual stone trims for its high-end bespoke vehicles. If you’re thinking you’ve heard this before, you have an excellent memory, because the Germans at Mercedes-Benz used to offer granite trim through their Designo line for the S-Class and the CL.

Instead of granite, the stone Bentley uses for its bespoke trim is slate and quartzite, sourced in a sustainable manner from India. The specific sections of stone from the quarries in Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh are split into smaller pieces and are sent to Crewe to be shaped and hand-finished by the Mulliner coachbuilding team.

Bentley didn’t specify if they employed specialized masons for this job or if they further schooled their already experienced wood veneer experts.

Since the stone veneer trim will only be 0.1 millimeters thick, there’s no need for supplementary weight-reducing measures for cars that will be fitted with the 200-million-year-old material. Thanks to using skilled specialists and really thin stone veneers, the passengers of future Bentleys with Mulliner stone trim will be able to admire a translucent finish that shows off an elegant grain and pattern in the stone.

Currently, Bentley’s Mulliner division is offering four different colors of stone veneer in a natural finish for the Continental and the Flying Spur. The colors are called Galaxy, Autumn White, Terra Red, and Copper. Since we’re speaking of a department specialized in customizing high-end automobiles and a bespoke feature available only for these cars, Bentley gives its customers the possibility of acquiring an individual color for the trim.

That’s right, you can get a particular color for the stone veneer trim in your Mulliner Bentley Continental or Bentley Flying Spur.

As usual, pricing for such a feature isn't disclosed. If you need to ask, you might not afford a new Bentley.

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