BBC Might Have Dumped the Moody Clarkson, but Evans Is No Altar Boy Either

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In the aftermath of what will forever be remembered as "The Fracas," Jeremy Clarkson was told his services were no longer required by the BBC, so his role as presenter of the Top Gear motoring show had to come to an end.
Acting like the true symbiotic organism they've become, Hammond and May - the other two presenters - quit as well, realizing they would only work together, as a whole. Or maybe they did it out of pure friendship and solidarity, who knows? One thing is certain: it wasn't because they were unhappy with the paychecks.

BBC thought long and hard of a way to replace the trio, and so they've come up with the magnificent seven we've talked about before, led by the ginger-haired Chris Evans. Ever since his role was announced, things haven't gone that smoothly: the producer left, filming was slow, the deadline was close, mistakes were made, and explanations were given.

There's plenty of pressure pushing on the new team's shoulders and, as its leading figure, Chris Evans must be feeling the bulk of it. And under these circumstances, people sometimes snap. According to British tabloid The Sun, Evans has already done that on quite a few occasions, and it had nothing to do with his new job at Top Gear.

Clarkson's demise came after he punched a staff member for failing to provide warm food after a day of shooting. While punching is never the answer (well, it is if you're in a boxing match, but you get what I mean, right, kids?), you can see where Clarkson was coming from: after a long day of eating snacks and drinking soda, you'd like to return to the hotel and dig into a hot soup and some steak, or something.

Evans' motifs are still unknown, but reportedly he recently had an outburst while working for BBC's Radio 2 where he "shouted so viciously that the producer was reduced to tears and an engineer had to tell him to stop." If you're reading this and you're in charge with food at Top Gear, tread lightly, you're on very thin ice.

But if The Sun is to be believed, the real bombshell is yet to come. One former female colleague is pondering whether to go public with details about how Evans treats his coworkers. Rumors about a conflict between the red-haired Brit and his graying American co-presenter have also surfaced lately, but the two played them down via a couple of Twitter messages.

Whatever the situation is, this new team has only one real working chance: the show has to be at least good. Nobody expects greatness from the first season, but it has to be more than just decent. The Top Gear name obliges them to that. And as it happens, we've only got a few days left to find out.
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