Axe Beats Baseball Bat in Russia

Russian Conflict 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
We are all for the enforcement of traffic laws, in order to commute from one place to another in a civilized fashion, as we should. We also agree that cutting the line, regardless of whether it’s the line at the ice cream stall or a line of cars waiting to make a left turn, should not be tolerated (but not met with violence).
However, this is where we stop agreeing with the video, as the Renault Dacia Logan taxi driver cuts the line and makes a left turn, without a care in the world, and not only that, but then pulls up in front of the driver who was recording and the driver opens up his trunk, revealing a hidden baseball bat. However, he did not make a move as one of the people in the car with the camera was packing an axe - it is sad when you need to carry an axe around in your car to fend off unruly drivers.

Thankfully, the intimidation factor of the axe was enough to deter the cab driver from attempting anything, and nobody got hurt in the end. It just goes to show what sort of people you can come across when you’re just driving around, minding your own business.

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