Audi Unveils Two New 3.0 V6 TDI Clean Diesel Engines

Audi Unveils Two New 3.0 V6 TDI Clean Diesel 1 photo
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Audi today announced it's unveiling two brand new V6 diesel engines in Austria at the Vienna Motor Symposium. The technology they are using is by no means revolutionary, but emissions have dropped to Euro levels, while fuel consumption promises to be as much as 13% lower.
Both new V6 TDIs are 3-liter engines with a displacement of 2,967 cc and a 90-degree cylinder bank angle. The base model brings 218 hp, while the top-spec one has 272 hp. If we were to compare that to current engines, the 218 hp output is a small 14 hp increase from the current base TDI V6, while the other number is 27 hp more than what is currently on offer.

Once these engines go into production, Audi will have the most powerful single-turbo 3-liter diesels of the premium class. Only the 2014 Porsche Panamera can offer more using a single-turbo setup, 300 hp to be precise. Upwards of that number, you'll need another one or two turbos.

Audi is understandably tight-lipped about its new V6, since the two engines are going into the new A4 and the facelifted A6 range, two new models that have yet to be revealed. The Germans do, however, tell us a little bit about the tech they used. The piston rings and pins of the V6 TDI have been optimized for minimal friction. The crankcase and the newly designed cylinder heads have separate coolant loops. The turbocharger and the fully variableload oil pump have also been updated from the ones in the old TDIs.

"For the first time in automotive history, a NOx storage catalytic converter has been combined with a diesel particulate filter and SCR injection in a single assembly," Audi claims.
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