Audi S1 Commercials Air in Germany

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The Audi S1 is a supermini hot hatch that needs no introduction. With its combination of 2-liter turbocharged engine 4-meter body and quattro all-wheel drive, it's pretty much in a class of its own. Still, even something as exciting as it is needs promoting.
Audi has already started the not-so-tough job of making the S1 cool with this visually creative ad. Just like the A3 commercials from 2013, crisp imagery is used to excite and impress. But because the S1 is even more colorful than an A3, Sin City style color splash shots are used.

The S1 is built for everybody who liked the A1 quattro but couldn't get one. It's powered by a 2-liter TFSI engine, which is quite big for a car in this class. Power comes in at 231 PS, which is 1 PS more than a Golf GTI can muster. It's also like having an A4/5 engine inside an A1.

Audi has built a car that puts a smile on your face for a number of different reasons. One of them is that it's about as subtle as a Nike shoe. The optional "quattro" looks packages can give you painted brake calipers, a bigger wing at the back and colorful seat backs and center console.

When Audi launched this car, it presented it in a very bright yellow and a color called Viper Green, which is from the Exclusive catalog and costs a small fortune. Both look like Porsche 911 colors, which is really amusing and adds to the personality of the little gem.

There's also a very practical, reasonable side to the car, as fuel consumption is a very acceptable 7 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. If you are as abstinent as a monk, the basic S1 is actually good value. In Germany, you can get a practical 5-door Sportback from just €30,800, which is basically Golf GTI + options money.

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