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VW Golf GTD Commercial: Ice Cream

The bad dad who drives a diesel hot hatch is back. Give a guy a 90 hp diesel and he will get his family where they need to go. Give him a 184 hp diesel and he'll get them there covered in puke.
VW Golf GTD kills a pink icecream 1 photo
Or, like in this video, he'll mash the throttle and ruin somebody's childhood. Honest, just look at the expression on that little girl's face and tell us that's acting. She really did want that ice cream and papa is a big jerk!

But, as long as we had a 184 hp diesel hot hatch that gets great gas mileage, we wouldn't care about ice cream either. 0 to splat in 7.4 seconds and a top speed of "oh God, we're going to die", that's the Golf GTD way.

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