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Volkswagen Golf GTD Commercial: Bellies

Everybody knows that when a hot girl walks by, your belly naturally sucks itself in. It's something us men are naturally programmed to do and there is no control over it.
VW Golf GTD bellies commercial 1 photo
Ladies if you're still reading this, stop right now. All you're going to find out is that VW released a boring car commercial about a diesel car. Love you, bye!

Good. Now that they're gone, let's talk about the Golf GTD. This 184 hp diesel hot hatch is so good it will help you suck in your belly while you try to impress your ladyfriends. It's awesome!

The latest commercial from VW features a couple of guys who learn just how much an influence 380 Nm of torque will have when it comes to their midsections.

It's a great car… for people with middle-aged problems. Careful with those combovers though.

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