Audi RS6 vs BMW F10 M5 Comparison Test by CAR

BMW M5 vs Audi RS6 6 photos
Photo: CAR Magazine
Audi RS6 vs BMW F10 M5 ComparisonAudi RS6 vs BMW F10 M5 ComparisonAudi RS6 vs BMW F10 M5 ComparisonAudi RS6 vs BMW F10 M5 ComparisonAudi RS6 vs BMW F10 M5 Comparison
The new engine Audi developed to fit on various high-performance cars in its line-up that has 560 HP coming out of a 4-liter V8 block is something to fear. It has more torque than the S63Tu unit on the M5 and M6 models and seems to be a bit more responsive.
However, when comparing two cars, you can't simply play the numbers game. The guys from CAR magazine made it clear in their most recent comparative test between an Audi RS6 Avant and BMW's F10 M5 pre-facelift.

It's actually a shame they couldn't get a 2014 M5 LCI with the Competition Package, but even so, the BMW outshone the Audi and that says a lot. The car built in Inglostadt came out this year and it's battling a car that was released almost 3 years ago.

Even so, newer isn't always better. The RS6 is hard to understand. Whereas the guys from MotorTrend complained about the plethora of settings you can change on the M5, the CAR people say the Audi is even worse, having too many and too complicated ways to deliver the best configuration for your senses.

It also has 5 driving modes to choose from: Comfort, Auto, Dynamic, Individual and Lift (only for the air suspension models) but at both extreme ends, the settings are way off being either too soft or too hard.

On the BMW you get almost the same choices but the iDrive system makes it a lot easier for you to choose and configure them. The driving modes are also better calibrated and balanced.

Sure, the RS6 is faster off the line with its AWD quattro transmission and more torque but it's not nearly as connected as the M5. Even though some people complained about the Bimmer's steering response (and even we admit it could be better), in the Audi it's even worse. Furthermore, adjusting it only means heavier and not more feedback.

Bottom line, the battle has been won by the older model. It's not a huge difference but when someone says that the feedback the M5 offers is better you really should ask yourself some questions.

Via: CAR Magazine
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