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Audi RS Q3 Tuned by MTM Puts Down 410 HP of Pure Aggression

The Audi Q3 was not designed to be a terrifying ride that snaps your neck with acceleration. The Germans simply wanted a more premium version of the popular Volkswagen Tiguan and they relied primarily on 2-liter diesels for their sales. But as more and more people demanded a performance version, the RS Q3 came out last year, the first SUV to ever wear the RS badge.
Audi RS Q3 Tuned by MTM 9 photos
Audi RS Q3 Tuned by MTMAudi RS Q3 Tuned by MTMAudi RS Q3 Tuned by MTMAudi RS Q3 Tuned by MTMAudi RS Q3 Tuned by MTMAudi RS Q3 Tuned by MTMAudi RS Q3 Tuned by MTMAudi RS Q3 Tuned by MTM
A famous Audi tuner from Germany believes even more terror can be extracted from the RS Q3 and has just launched an impressive customization project. We are of course talking about MTM, the same company that made the world's only V8 TDI Amarok, who just unleashed 410 hp from under the bonnet of the car.

100 more horsepower than the factory 2.5-liter turbo usually produces is delivered thanks to sports exhaust and a new ECU map. If more power than a BMW X5 M50d doesn't impress you, then just listen to the brutal sound of the 5-cylinder Audi mill.

After MTM installs the 3,357 euro M-Cantronic engine mod and the 4,699 euro exhaust system, the RS Q3 will be ready to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.3 seconds and reach a top speed just shy of 270 km/h. A performance braking system with massive 380 ventilated front disks are also fitted to this project car, keeping the massive 1,730 kilograms of body weight in check.

MMT chose to fit massive 20-inch Bimoto wheels and Michelin tyres: the 275/35 R 20 Pilot Super Sport for added handling. While the new BMW X4 35i is arguably a sweet performance SUV, this lighter, more powerful Audi is nothing short of amazing.

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