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Audi Produces the First Batch of Synthetic Gasoline Called E-Benzin

CO2 emissions are the cause for a lot of bad things happening to our planet. To fight these, regulations and alternative technologies have invaded the automotive world, but Audi has a different approach: synthetic gasoline.
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The product goes by the name of e-benzin (Audi trademarked the 'e-benzin' in 2012, along with 'e-gasoline' and 'e-diesel') but more important, Audi chemists produced the first batch of it.

Now, for the average petrolhead, that's cooler than Walter White's super-pure meth formula, but the green cars supporting community will also love this.

In case you might ask what's so special about this e-benzin, here's something to ease your thirst for knowledge. First of all, the e-benzin is produced without using petroleum. As a consequence, the product is 100-percent iso-octane and shows an octane rating of 100 RON.

Secondly, there are no traces of sulfur on benzene in its composition, which means the e-benzin burns in a clean fashion, without producing residual material. The starting material for the Audi e-benzin is isobutene, a substance produced by Global Bioenergies SA near Reims, in France, from renewable raw materials. However, the Ingolstadt-based car manufacturer won't stop here:

“Global Bioenergies has demonstrated the viability of the Audi “e-benzin” production process. That is a big step in our Audi e-fuels strategy,”
explained Reiner Mangold, Head of Sustainable Product Development at AUDI AG.

At the moment, the company is looking for solutions to modify the e-benzin production process in such a way that the only ingredients required for the synthetic gasoline would be water, hydrogen, CO2, and sunlight.

Besides e-benzin, Audi produced e-diesel out of CO2, which in the long term, might prove a viable solution to delay global meltdown. Of course, unless mankind has other plans with Earth.

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