Audi Gets Onboard with Electric Longboards Through Its Connected Mobility Idea

Audi Connected Mobility Concept 5 photos
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Audi Connected Mobility ConceptAudi Connected Mobility ConceptAudi Connected Mobility ConceptAudi Connected Mobility Concept
Cruising through busy cities is becoming more and more of a challenge for most urban dwellers, and the authorities seem incapable of solving the problem in due time. And since we're not going to leave our cars at home out of our own will, then somebody else has to come up with a solution that will appeal to everyone.
Audi China thinks it might have nailed it with what it calls the "Audi connected mobility concept." The basic principle is simple, and it will come as nothing new to anybody who has carried a foldable bike in the trunk of his car for those moments when the traffic was just too much. Only this is the 21st century, so your oily chain isn't welcome anymore. Instead, Audi proposes you go electric.

Using the "urban crossover" Q3 as the starting point of this project, Audi postulates that it might be a good idea to park your car on the right and continue your journey using a different type of vehicle. As we've said, that's not something unheard of, but since Audi's system is "connected," you will know just when it's time to look for a safe parking lot thanks to the car's sat-nav.

Once you pulled over your SUV wannabe, a tray extends from under the tailgate, and an electric longboard is revealed. Now, if you haven't ridden on anything like this since you were little (or, like me, never), you might be better off stuck in the crawling traffic. However, Audi is providing three options for its longboard, and one of them transforms it into a four-wheeled scooter, so no excuses there.

Of course, a well sorted out bike rental system would work even better for navigating the city center - not to mention it wouldn't force people to buy Audi's questionable Q3 crossover - but as we've said earlier, that's something that would fall into the hands of the authorities. And, to be honest, if it didn't come attached to one particular car, we're actually OK with this idea.

The board is good for 12 km (slightly under 8 miles) and a top speed of 30 km/h (19 mph), but you can always use your trusted foot to thrust it forward. Oh, and it can even turn into your personal luggage carrier. The only drawback is that you won't have room for a spare tire anymore. Then again, if you get a flat, you now have your electric scooter to keep you going.

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