Audi TT RS Sportback Is a Brilliantly Stupid Idea

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Here's a car that we can all agree that it looks great, and yet none of us would actually buy it. Why is that, you ask? Well, probably because if there's one thing nobody ever said while driving an Audi TT, it's got to be this: "I wish I had two more doors and a real backseat."
We can talk all day but at the end of it, we'll still come up with the same conclusion: Audi's lineup lacks in visual excitement. Its angular approach to design looks fine and does a good job of setting it apart from the other two brands that make up the German holy trinity, but it is also a little bland.

In a sea of copycat models, the TT manages to stand out. It's not so much due to some certain distinctive design features, but to the car's overall shape. If there's one thing you can mistake it for in Audi's range, it's the R8 supercar, and that's probably the highest praise an Ingolstadt vehicle could hope for.

It is a sporty coupe with 2+2 seats and a small frame that just begs to be driven fast. And if you go for the RS version, then that becomes entirely possible. The TT RS is best described as a mini-R8, even though under the right circumstances, it might actually be even more fun than its larger sibling. The new version has just debuted in China, and the main talking point of this RS version of the third-gen TT is its engine. Using the same legendary 2.5-liter five-cylinder unit, Audi engineers have managed to squeeze 400 hp out of it, a full 60 hp over the previous incarnation.

With a 3.7 seconds 0-62 mph acceleration time, this is a car that can best the Porsche Cayman S, so why would it need two more doors and a corresponding backseat? Well, it doesn't, but wouldn't it be cool if it got them and still left the Porker in the dust?
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