Audi Gets Involved in the Presidential Debate with Its Latest Commercial

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Audi RS7 commercialAudi RS7 commercialAudi RS7 commercialAudi RS7 commercialAudi RS7 commercialAudi RS7 commercialAudi RS7 commercial
There are very few things more polarizing than the US presidential elections this year, so unless you absolutely have to, it's best to steer clear of this subject. It's just too hot, so you risk setting of the proverbial storm of the brown stuff.
Audi describes this spot simply called "Duel" as a political satire, but apart from the badges at the beginning, we fail to see anything political about it. Sure, the two protagonists are a male and a female, and they're clawing at each other's eyes for the whole duration, but if that was the catch, then Audi isn't very good with subtlety.

However, maintaining the same parallelism, the German brand does imply that getting to drive an Audi RS7 - even just to park it - is just as important as becoming the President of the United States of America. I'm sure a lot of you fans of the Ingolstadt manufacturers will agree with this evaluation, but the rest of us will just regard it as the kind of exaggeration only the advertising industry could get away with.

There isn't too much of an idea behind the spot, but Audi shows that even a bland script can be turned into a Hollywood-style action film with the right production crew. The whole thing is played from back to front in reverse, which will probably mess with your head a little.

It will also make you want to watch it again, trying to piece together the sequence of events. We'll spare you the trouble: there's no need to do that. The order is not really important, just enjoy the stunts, the slow-motions and the quality of the filming. It's definitely better than the previous RS7 commercial.

Audi claims there are 18 Easter eggs hidden in the one minute and a half commercial, but after a few screenings, I personally have managed to spot the grand total of... zero. Maybe I should watch more movies. Or maybe Audi does know what subtlety is.

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