Apple CarPlay Will Be Available for BMWs Next Year along with Wi-Fi Hotspot Capability

BMW M4 Concept Iconic Lights 1 photo
Photo: BMW
The rate at which technology is advancing these days is alarming. Not for us, who are the beneficiaries of this rapid rhythm of development but for car makers and giant companies around the world. They have to keep up and the 7-year lifespan of models most manufacturers employ these days is just not realistic.
That’s why a lot of them are investing heavily in facelifts, offering their customers the best tech they can once every three or four years. One such example is Mercedes-Benz that applied a facelift to its E-Class a while back that required an investment of €1 billion which is less than what some companies spend on new model altogether.

BMW is following in their footsteps, planning to launch more and more new tech faster, leaving their trademark launches behind. As it was the case up until now, the Germans used to unveil the best they had on their flagship, the 7 Series, once every 7 years and then let it trickle down to other models.

They can’t afford to wait that long anymore and, according to one of our sources close to the Munich board of management claims that there are plans already in motion to launch a host of features on cars as low as the 1 Series next year.

First of all, Apple CarPlay is coming to BMW in late 2016, early 2017 at most. Despite all sorts of rumors and official claims that the Germans won’t be employing this new tech inside their cars, it looks like they caved in and are joining most of the manufacturers out there in offering at least CarPlay support.

At the same time, wi-fi hotspot technology will be made available to 1, 2, 3 and 4 Series models starting with the 2017 model year versions. That’s a huge add-on considering that only the 7 Series offers such tech in BMW’s line-up today.

Impressed yet? Well, there even more on the line. Remember the BMW M4 Concept Iconic Lights? Well, it’s going into production. No, not the entire car but the organic LED tech used on it in various areas and it’s going to be called BMW Organic Lights.
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