BMW Concept M4 GTS Makes World Debut at Pebble Beach with OLED Lighting

BMW somehow picked the perfect moment, venue and timing to launch its M4 GTS Concept. A year ago, on the same grounds, the new M4 Coupe Concept was being launched and today we’re taking a look at what was possible thanks to water injection.
BMW Concept M4 GTS 14 photos
Photo: BMW
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The M4 GTS Concept is, as we expected, a hardcore version of the regular M4. It has been tuned to 11 and despite hiding behind the ‘Concept’ name, this is what the production car will look like.

Aiming to continue the tradition of BMW M3 special models, the GTS follows closely in their footsteps. The list of its predecessors is impressive and includes the E30 M3 Evolution (1988), the E30 M3 Sport Evolution (1990), E36 M3 GT (1995), E46 M3 CSL (2003), E92 M3 GTS (2010) and E90 M3 CRT (2011). As you can see, there’s plenty of racing DNA to be infused in this model as well as some pretty big shoes to fill.

Unfortunately, BMW didn’t provide the complete specs of the production model just yet, claiming that this is just a concept for now but we can’t help but admire it in all of its glory.

“While the BMW M4 Coupe embodies the ideal combination of motor sport genes and unrestricted everyday usability, the BMW Concept M4 GTS previews an emotionally powerful and exclusive special model conceived with an eye for trailblazing technology and a keen focus on the race track,” explains Frank van Meel, President BMW M Division. “Despite its outstanding track ability, it is still fully road-legal. This is racing technology for the road in the truest sense.”

Beyond offering a car that will dominate on the race track, the M4 GTS is more than that. The technology used in its development and production will be making its way into lesser models in the future and we’re referring to water injection here in particular and OLED lighting.

Water injection is used to lower the temperature in the combustion chamber offering more potential for turbocharged plants as well as improved viability on the long run. The potential of this tech has already been showcased at a private event in Miramas, France, where a 1.5-liter 3-cylinder mill with 218 HP was fitted on a 1 Series chassis.

The performance of the 3-liter inline 6-cylinder engine on the M4 GTS was drastically improved though. The problem engineers had to solve was to make sure that every ancillary unit was able to keep up and that the cooling system handled the extra stress.

Therefore, they developed a new version that is made up of a main radiator plus additional radiators for the high and low temperature circuits, transmission and turbocharger. The turbos, for example, are cooled by means of an indirect intercooler, assisted by an additional electric water pump.

However, the M4 GTS isn’t all about efficiency. Its main goal is to go fast and that’s what it does thanks to the careful construction of the body. You might’ve noticed the front and rear have new add-ons. That’s because a new front splitter was included as well as a rear wing. Both of them are adjustable, depending on your track needs.

The bonnet has migrated from traditional metal to a CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced polymer) construction to lower the weight and center of gravity of the car accordingly. To top everything off, a wider air intake was fitted up front that allows the 3-liter engine to get more air while minimizing front axle lift.

On the outside, the car is dressed in Frozen Dark Grey Metallic paint while Acid Orange accents on the front splitter and wheels create a beautiful effect. Speaking of the wheels, they measure 9.5x19 inches up front and 10.5x20 inches round the back wrapped in Micheling Sport Cup 2 tyres.
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