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Another Smartphone Company Plans to Launch an Apple Car Rival in 2024

Tech companies are slowly but surely expanding in the automotive market, and in addition to Apple, several other big names are believed to be exploring this new strategy.
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Apple Car renderingsApple Car renderingsApple Car renderingsApple Car renderingsApple Car renderingsApple Car renderingsApple Car renderingsApple Car renderingsApple Car renderings
Xiaomi has already confirmed its plans for an electric vehicle, and 2024 has been chosen as the year to witness the debut of the company’s first car.

Now another Chinese tech behemoth looks ready to step into the car market, once again in 2024.

This time, it’s OPPO, the Apple phone rival who’s reportedly interesting in developing an electric vehicle that could make its debut in India in 2024. The vehicle is still in its early days right now, so nobody knows for sure what approach OPPO wants to use.

In theory, OPPO can join forces with a traditional carmaker for the project, but given such collaborations haven’t necessarily been received very well by the automotive industry, there’s a chance it could go the Apple route and take care of everything on its own.

One thing is for sure, though: BBK Electronics, the parent company owning not only OPPO but also Realme and OnePlus, doesn’t want to be late to the party, so it wants its EV to see the daylight even before the Apple Car.

According to people familiar with the matter, Apple wants to launch the Apple Car in 2025 at the earliest, but given the project is still in the works, the dates could easily change. The Cupertino-based iPhone maker has tried various approaches, including a collaboration with a traditional carmaker, but the discussions failed to come to a conclusion.

Right now, it’s believed that a joint venture between LG and Magna is in pole-position to manufacture the Apple Car, especially as the South Korean tech firm is already working with Apple for the production of the iPhone.

Analysts expect Apple to at least spill the beans on the Apple Car project in 2022 or 2023, but this is rather unlikely given the FBI-inspired secrecy the company has always used for its top priority products.


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