A Rider Simply Can't Watch Out for ALL the Dangers

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Photo: Liveleak capture
Time and again, one more piece of video footage from which every rider has something to learn surfaces. The video after the jump is good for the new riders, as it shows them how quickly a situation that looks alright can turn into a crash. Likewise, more experienced riders will be reminded that on two wheels, nobody is 100% safe at any given moment.
The crash itself takes place, of course, following one of the classic "recipes," with a car driver pulling in front of a rider. It is impossible to tell whether the driver checked the road properly or not. Fractions of a second before the motorcycle hits the car, he can be seen looking in the right direction, but nobody can verify what actually happened.

We've all seen reckless drivers who see a bike approaching and decide to pull out anyway, or gravely miscalculate the two-wheeler's speed and thus not have enough time to clear the road.

Still, there is also that type of drivers who simply don't check the road prior to making such maneuvers. These guys are also the ones for whom the turn signals seem to be a complete mystery, thus cutting down one more chance to let others get a hint about what's going to happen.

The rider is watching for potential dangers, but while he was looking in a certain direction, other hazards happened to befall him from another one. Could this crash have been avoided? Hard to tell...

This accident apparently happened in Toronto, Canada, furthermore proving that stereotypes are just... well, stereotypes. Careless drivers can be found all over the planet, possibly with some areas being more prone to such reckless behavior.

Also, the video is a very good proof for those who advocate the use of a motorcycle helmet. The rider seems to be okay, even though he is shaken and will most likely be in pain for several days.

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