A Fully-Functional Wooden Cruiser, Anyone?

We're not sure whether we should file this amazing custom bike under the "steampunk" tag or we should better create a new category, possibly named "woodpunk" or something like that. Either way, seeing such a contraption is a special moment, and watching it slowly riding off is even more spectacular.
How about a functional wooden bike? 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
Now, the truth is that steampunk creations tend to favor form and style over function. It's also true that this is also most likely the main thing that make them look so cool and even mesmerizing every now and then.

And this is exactly why we are ready to bear with the low speed of this wooden motorcycle and the rather impractical use in a wide variety of scenarios. There is much more mojo to this weird and spectacular build than we get from almost any modern, tech-loaded motorcycle.

There is no info attached to this Facebook video, so it's impossible to tell you more details as to what engine was used, or any similar aspects. As far as the eye can see, the bike is pretty rudimentary, at least this is what the huge flywheel tells us. The low speed and the mellow chuffing of the engine also tell the story of a very old power plant.

We can also see that the wooden bike comes with a suicide shifter, even though considering the speed this two-wheeler is capable of reaching, the suicide factor is way too low to be taken seriously.

A wooden frame houses a small-displacement reason, while the leaf-sprung fork also made from wood is the only piece of suspension that can be seen. We took a second to consider a rear suspension, as well, but the idea only seemed funny.

There are no hand controls on the huge wooden handlebars, and we can only assume that a retro braking system is present on the left side of the chain-driven rear wheel. Again, speed should not be a problem for the bike, but being able to stop where you want when coasting is definitely a good thing, so we believe that the creator of this amazing machine has something in store in this department.

Definitely hard to get it homologated for road use, this interesting wooden bike is probably stealing the shows when ridden at motorcycle rallies, steampunk conventions or why not, at the Wave Gotik Treffen festival.

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