7s Nissan 240SX Comes in Full Street Trim, Shows What a 1,300 HP S14 Can Do

7s Nissan 240SX 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
Given enough time alone with a bicycle, a small child will tell you weight is the enemy of speed. But what does that mean when it comes to the world of drag racing Nissans?
Well, for one thing, we can tell you how the meaty R35 GT-R needs about 2,000 hp to reach the 7s quarter mile arena, while the considerably lighter 240SX will do the job asking for only 1,300 hp or so in return.

And while such a muscular setup might not seem all that difficult to reach, many drivers with the financial possibilities that allow such visits to the gym dislike the idea of a stripped-down racer.

Well, given the kind of power mentioned above, a Silvia S14 (the car's other name) won't even require you to ditch the interior in order to descend into the 7s range.

The latest example of this comes from the video below, which sees an S14 pulling a 7s run (a very high one, for that matter) without giving up its cabin bits and pieces.

In fact, the only major thing that separates the interior of the car we have here from that of a factory model is the owner's decision to remove the passenger seat for the run.

What run? The one that saw the Nissan flying down the drag strip in 7.97s at 170.51 mph (make that 274.5 km/h, you metric system fans).

As for what helped this 1998 240SX reach the level of power mentioned above, you should know most of the credit goes to a Precision 7685 turbo. And yes, the thing is running on E85, with this coming straight from the pump.

The factory IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) has been kept in place, with this being one of the tricks that make Nissan such as this one be overly friendly in terms of tuning.

You can check out the Nissan's wheelie-debuting run in the piece of footage below.

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