718 Boxster S Races Audi RS3 (367 HP) and TTS Coupe

By now, you guys should know not to take the outcome of a GT Board drag race to heart. You just watch it, write a hateful comment and move on with your life.
718 Boxster S Races Audi RS3 (367 HP) and TTS Coupe 4 photos
Photo: YouTube screenshot
718 Boxster S Races Audi RS3 (367 HP) and TTS Coupe718 Boxster S Races Audi RS3 (367 HP) and TTS Coupe718 Boxster S Races Audi RS3 (367 HP) and TTS Coupe
What are we talking about? Well, let's check out the drag race between two Audis as a little demo. You've got an RS3 hatchback said to be carrying four people and a TTS Coupe, presumably with two.

Every race you've ever seen tells you that the RS3 is faster. It's even aced the A45 on a couple of occasions in the past. The TTS is good, sure, and it's got a natural weight advantage. But its 2.0-liter TFSI engine has only 310 PS compared to the 367 PS of the 2.5-liter which won numerous Engine of the Year awards. But during the first attempt, the unthinkable happens and the 2+2 gains a significant lead, followed by a relative tie during the second attempt.

Don't you just hate that? Fortunately for you Porsche fans, the 718 Boxster S wins a substantial victory against the TTS. But the lead it pulls over the Audi is almost like it was racing a Dacia Duster, not a much sleeker version of the Golf R. Sure, it's got 40 PS and 40 Nm more, plus a bigger engine. But the 4.4 vs. 4.6-second official launch times suggest it should have been a closer race.

So can the RS3 do any better? No, it still runs away with the prize to the point where you'd imagine the newer 400 horsepower version of the hyper hatch still wouldn't have had a chance.

Rolling drag races usually have shocking results like these. Off the line, the two quattro cars would have been faster, but that traction advantage is canceled. It's also worth pointing out that the 718 Boxster S with PDK has the same weight as a TTS with S tronic: 1,385 kilograms.

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