UPDATE: 2016 Audi R8, TT and A3 Cabrio to Star in Avengers: Age of Ultron

The next Avengers movie is just a month away from hitting cinemas. We could pretend to be very excited, but Marvel sequels are never as good as the originals, plus the cast of actors is kind of mismatched. Yet we're willing to bet an all-powerful robot destroying the earth will bring in big bucks and, it seems, publicity for the new Audi TT as well.
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Audi split ways with Marvel when The R8 was replaced by an NSX-based roadster concept. But now they're back, and it seems the little TT has all the attributes of these Hollywood superheroes: Hulk's power, Captain America's agility, Hawkeye's precision and Tony Stark's toys.

Oh, and apparently, the car is as fast as Quicksilver and as extraordinary as Scarlet Witch? Weren't those Magneto's children from X-Men? Guess they made a crossover.

For me at least, this commercial and the cameo appearance of a 2016 Audi TT is a total failure. I mean, who are they selling these cars to, children who buy cereal boxes? But the fact that they use a new TTS is kind of cool.

In the teaser video, you can see that it's a 2016 model year coupe, but we found footage from 2014 that shows they actually filmed with the old TTS and edited the sequence to make it look like the newer model. Why? Because the car was not revealed yet.

Making its US-market debut at the New York Auto Show this week, the new TT and TTS have been based around the same MQB platform as the 2015 Golf and A3. Both will offer a 2-liter TFSI turbo engine, though the power output will vary from 220 to 300 horsepower (US market rating). As powerful as the Hulk? Year, right!

UPDATE: The press release that came out also says the 2016 R8 and A3 Cabrio will be part of the show. Seems like Audi is to the Avengers what GM is to Transformers.

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