4x4 Emerges from a Lake During a Typical Russian Fishing Expedition

4x4 Emerges from a Laker During a Typical Russian Fishing Expedition 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
Pay close attention to the background of this video because you're about to see an SUV emerging from the bottom of a lake or river somewhere in Russia. It's not a hoax or publicity stunt, just a bunch of fisherman who many have had one too many vodka shots.
Vodka really does seem to be our go-to explanation for just about everything that happens in Russia. We've seen people pretending to be cars and others popping up in the middle of the road with a shopping cart. But never a fully submerged SUV coming from the bottom of a lake. Are these fishermen or fish-men?

This Top Gearski scene proves we still live in a magical, mythical world where everything is possible. Did they use their magic to grow gills or is this a special car that works underwater like the Flying Ford Anglia from Harry Potter? There really isn't a good explanation for how the engine on this Toyota Land Cruiser still works while completely submerged. OK, it's got a snorkel, but what happens to the spinning blades of the radiator fan while underwater? And how is the stereo system still working even though the car is cabin is completely flooded?

And forget about the "how?" questions and answer the "why?" ones. For instance, why would the men ever continue to drive though the lake if they're neck-deep in water? And why do they take pleasure from turning a Toyota into their fishing boat?

In civilized countries, most roads are paved, but in Russia, they just seem to improvise and use lakes. We can only presume they have experience in the army, where this sort of fording is natural. But we still reckon that in a couple of weeks, all the fish will have died from the oil in the water and the shock of seeing tire tracks on the bottom of their lake.

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