Aurum’s Toyota Land Cruiser Might Be the Best Armored Car

Aurum's armored Land Cruiser 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
If you’re a very rich or influent person, then safety must be on you list too. Especially when it comes to going places where an ambush can be waiting at each corner. Of course, you’ll be tempted to buy an armored car, but then you should pay attention to what company you place the order to - some might not offer what they advertise.
German company Aurum Security GmbH, which specializes in designing and manufacturing protection systems as well as armored vehicles (military and civilian), says there are two types of armored vehicles out there - tested and not tested, with the first category representing an alarming 97 percent of what you can buy.

While most armored vehicles constructors are bragging with their protection standards only on paper, Aurum says they actually put their cars through extensive tests before releasing them on the market.

Such an example is the armored Toyota Land Cruiser you’ll see in the video bellow, which boasts armor technology that was offered only to the army so far. The company said there are only a few companies that sell such things for civilian use.

Their Land Cruiser passed certification at iABG in Germany, one of the most famous testing facilities in the world. It achieved a VPAM 10 level of security, which is also the biggest for a civilian vehicle.

What does VPAM 10 grant you? Well, for example, if someone with an AK 47 automatic rifle wants to pop you in the head through the window of the car, 30 rounds won’t be enough to break the reinforced glass. For comparison, most of the armored glass out there will go down after three bullets. And let’s be honest, who shoots only 3 rounds with an AK and a willing to kill no matter what...

That is just the tip of the iceberg though - the armor can resist any bullet fired by a Dragunov sniper rifle and the cabin will also resist the explosion of three hand grenades or an anti-tank land mine.

Seeing how the Pakistani security chief’s armored car didn’t survive an IED (improvised explosive device) going off near it last year and comparing it to how a certified armored car copes with the same problem, we’re telling you to double check your choice before buying.

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