$400 Mil. Team Up Between Hyundai and Boston Dynamics in AI Venture

Hyundai Motor Group and Boston Dynamics will invest over $400 million into the Artificial Intelligence Institute. It’s called Boston Dynamics AI Institute, and its purpose is to achieve ground-breaking advances in artificial intelligence and robotics.
Hyundai and Boston Dynamics invest $400 Mil. in AI Institude 8 photos
Photo: Hyundai Motor Group
Spot the robot dog from Boston DynamicsSpot the robot dog from Boston DynamicsSpot the robot dog from Boston DynamicsSpot the robot dog from Boston DynamicsSpot the robot dog from Boston DynamicsSpot the Robot DogSpot the Robot Dog
In case you were wondering how Hyundai came to be involved in such a technological venture, you might have heard that in 2020 they were so impressed by Boston Dynamics that they bought 80% of the company.

The $400 million will be invested in technologies like cognitive AI, athletic AI, organic hardware design, robotics research, computing, machine learning, software, and hardware engineering. The AI institute will also partner with universities and corporate research laboratories.

Now all that sounds neat and tidy, and I’m sure you believe every technological term I just listed. But just in case you're not caught up with the latest issue of “Advanced Robotics Research in Organic Hardware Design Magazine,” here's what all of that means (the magazine is purely fictional, of course, I was just trying to prove my point with some creative freedom).

And who better to make it easier for us to understand than the person actually leading the AI Institute, founder and executive director, Marc Raibert.

He stated that: “we need to make robots smarter, more agile and dexterous, and generally easier to use — more like people. Once we do that, robots and other types of intelligent systems will increase productivity, free people from dangerous work, care for the disabled, and generally help people live better lives.” Couldn’t of put it better myself.

They also plan to hire nothing but the best and the brightest for their programs at the institute and pair them up with the newest equipment money can buy. Well, to be more precise, with what $400 million can buy.

Al Rizzi will be spearheading the technological part as Chief Technology Officer. He has over 25 years of experience building robots, of which he spent almost 17 as chief scientist at Boston Dynamics. He was the brain that figured out how to make their robots strut about. I'm sure in some shape or form, you've all seen videos with LittleDog, BigDog, WildCat, SandFlea, and everyone’s favorite robodog, Spot.

The HQ of this entire operation will be in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
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