300 km/h Biker Extremely Close Call

Sport bikes are definitely fun, and riding faster than a medium jet flies when landing is even more thrilling, no questions asked.
However, doing 300 km/h (186 mph) on a public road literally means forfeiting your life, and not because you might crash due to a pilot error, but because you're simply coming in too fast for any "give way" sign, any shoulder check and all.

Even more, doing 300 km/h on a public road looks more like a pilot error by itself. However, keeping focused and looking ahead for all the potential hazards you might run into may save your health and possibly, your life.

And you don't really need this speed to kick the bucket... watching this video proves this thing: the guy was already down at 180km/h (just about 110 mph) when he realized the tractor is a very big danger for him. After initially spotting it around 270, the first brake brings the bike down to 180 and the second one to 140.

Frankly, should the tractor have been slower, this video would have ended in a very bad way: see how the rider is still at 68 km/h (42 mph) by the time he passes the trailer. No matter what he'd say, there was no chance to come to a complete stop and avoid colliding with the tractor. And then RIPs would have started flowing...
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