2025 Chrysler Concorde Is a Digital Crossover-y Wagon With Familiar Design

2025 Chrysler Concorde - Rendering 6 photos
Photo: Behance | Nihar Mazumdar
2025 Chrysler Concorde - Rendering2025 Chrysler Concorde - Rendering2025 Chrysler Concorde - Rendering2025 Chrysler Concorde - Rendering2025 Chrysler Concorde - Rendering
With only the Pacifica, including the plug-in hybrid version, and the discontinued 300 listed on its US website, Chrysler is not doing that well for itself these days. The Stellantis-owned brand lives in the shadow of its former self, even if it has the tools to rise from the ashes.
Being part of Stellantis gives Chrysler access to numerous platforms and powertrains, so designing new products should be a multi-million dollar walk in the park. One model that's being missed today, albeit not in large circles, is the Concorde.

You do remember the Chrysler Concorde, don't you? It was a mid-size car related to the LHS, New Yorker, Eagle Vision, and Dodge Intrepid that came out for the 1993 model year, carrying an MSRP of just over $18,000. Assembly took place at Newark in Delaware and north of the border at Brampton, Canada, and all models packed a V6 engine under their hoods, which was offered with two displacements: 3.3 and 3.5 liters.

Chrysler kept it in production until 1997, with constant model year updates, and that's when the second generation came out. Looking more futuristic than before, it retained its technical recipe for the most part. V6 engines were the only ones available, although the offering increased to four. The Concorde lived until 2003 when the automaker pulled the plug on it altogether. The same goes for its Dodge cousin, too, which also drove off into the sunset that same year.

2025 Chrysler Concorde \- Rendering
Photo: Behance | Nihar Mazumdar
You may be wondering why we chose to dedicate an entire story to a car that's been dead for over two decades and wasn't exactly exciting when it was new, either. The reason is called Nihar Mazumdar, who took to Behance to reveal an unofficial modern take on the Chrysler Concorde.

This hypothetical 2025 model has a familiar design due to the fact that it was based on the Citroen C5 X. The French brand's model walks a thin line between station wagons and crossovers, and since it stays true to it for the most part, so does the imagined Concorde. It has a new face with a close-off grille as it's an electric digital proposal, a fresh taillight signature, a new rear bumper, and a few other tweaks that separate it from the C5 X.

Turning the Citroen into a brand-new Concorde would be very easy, especially if Chrysler would stick to a similar recipe, and given its high-riding styling, it might just sell in plenty of numbers in our market to justify the investment. But would you support such a project, or would you rather have the American brand give us a brand-new 300 with V8 firepower? We'd lean towards the latter, though a new Concorde wouldn't sound bad, either.
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