2021 RAM TRX on 44" Mud Boggers Looks Agricultural, Slings Mud Into Stratosphere

Remember the guy who jumped his almost brand-new TRX some 60 feet just for the sake of it (and, probably, YouTube popularity)? Well, he's back, and with a vengeance.
RAM 1500 TRX on 44-inch mud boggers doing its thing 7 photos
Photo: YouTube screenshot
RAM 1500 TRX on 44-inch mud boggers doing its thingRAM 1500 TRX on 44-inch mud boggers doing its thingRAM 1500 TRX on 44-inch mud boggers doing its thingRAM 1500 TRX on 44-inch mud boggers doing its thingRAM 1500 TRX on 44-inch mud boggers doing its thingRAM 1500 TRX on 44-inch mud boggers doing its thing
There's no telling what we would have done with access to a huge farm, seemingly pretty large reserves of cash, and nothing better to do, so we're not here to judge the man. Besides, it'd be hypocritical of us to claim we're not entertained by his shenanigans. Plus, he can also be pretty funny, so we're slowly but surely warming up to him.

So, after wrecking the 702 hp truck with a jump that didn't go according to plan - and by that, we mean it exceeded expectations by quite a few feet - he issued a challenge: if enough people liked the video, he would install 44-inch mud boggers on the TRX.

The announcement obviously came after it was clear the truck was still in driving condition, and the fact that it is should make RAM engineers feel pretty good about themselves. In fact, apart from some cosmetic issues and a missing rear window, the TRX appears to be in almost perfect condition. Other cars would have had tons of pesky messages on the display saying this or that wasn't working, but no this one.

Since he's a man of his word and the number of likes went over the target, he went about installing the huge off-road tires on the truck. Immediately, there was a problem: they wouldn't fit into the wheel arches, and it wasn't even close.

The solution found was to install wheel spacers to push the large tires outside of the arches. But those wheels are also wide, so they ended up using eight spacers for each of the truck's four corners. That would be 32 in total.

Needless to say, you shouldn't try that at home, on your farm, or anywhere else. Wheel spacers are a questionable tool to begin with as they change the stock suspension system's delicate geometry, putting dramatically more strain on it. That can cause a failure at any time that could even affect vital features such as steering, leading to a potentially dangerous incident.

However, they didn't install just one wheel spacer but stacked up eight instead. The first time you see the RAM resting on its 44-inch tractor-like tires sticking out of its sides, you wonder why it's not painted in green and yellow and doesn't have a deer logo on it. It's definitely agricultural, but also kind of cool.

Turn the wheel, though, and the eight spacers turn out not to be enough as the tire still hits against the fender. Considering everything the TRX has been through, though, that's nothing. Besides, the longer the testing procedure out on the field goes on, the less of the fender is left in place and the more of the TRX's original turning radius is restored.

This is somehow starting to resemble Top Gear's Hilux challenge from years ago when they tried to destroy the vehicle but no matter what they threw at it, the truck continued to run. So, what's next for the TRX? Well, he did mention he would burn it if the clip reached a certain number of likes, but he didn't say when. On the other hand, he was also making plans for installing true monster truck wheels, so hopefully, we'll at least get to see that before the final bonfire.

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