2016 Charger Hellcat vs. 2016 Viper Half-Mile Drag Race Is Incredibly Close

When a Dodge Charger Hellcat and a Viper are thrown at each other, you can't expect the result to be anything else than spectacular. And the piece of footage at the bottom of the page, which brings us such a race, is no exception.
2016 Charger Hellcat vs. 2016 Viper 1 photo
Given the extra wow factor the Challenger Hellcat has when compared to the factory-blown Charger, perhaps a drag race pitting the first against a Dodge Viper would've sounded cooler, but the battle we have here is a more reasonable one - for one thing, the Challenger Hellcat sits at the opposite end of the practicality scale compared to the supercar.

The pair of SRT machines duked it out at Pikes Peak, using the Colorado Airport runway as their battlefield. We're dealing with a pair of 2016 machines and both come in 100 percent stock condition.

The adventure involved a half-mile race, with the two going for a rolling start. And while we won't throw spoilers at you, we can mention the fact that the resulting trap speeds were extremely close.

While the clip doesn't bring us the usual close view on the race, the numbers at the end of the fight pretty much speak for themselves.

Video Hellcats killed the radio star Viper

If you ask Fiat-Chrysler officials, they'll tell you the Viper is being discontinued due to safety regulations, as its A-pillars can't accommodate curtain airbags. Truth be told, the carmaker no longer wants to back the Viper effort, since it can't afford to keep three halo cars in its stable.

Go-fast machines such as these are not profitable and, given the not-exactly-smooth financial situation FCA has these days, having two of them is enough. With the pair of Hellcats being the new pride and joy of the SRT division, the Viper will be left behind starting next year.

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